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Good Boys - A deliciously smooth decaf blend from Ethiopia and Mexico. For the all-day or late afternoon/evening coffee drinker managing caffeine intake. These high-grade decaf origins are great as a drip, pour over, k-cup, and even a nice espresso shot w/ good crema for a latte or cappuccino!


Sweet Dream House Rescue - $2 per bag is donated to this organization where our coffee mascots were rescued years ago. Marshall and Oliver are family, we love raising awareness to rescues who help find "forever homes" for pets in need. Learn more...

Good Boys

SKU: 1000055569
  • DECAFFEINATED - We blended these 2 coffees at a ratio we love!

    MEXICO - Decaf Mexico Esmeralda EA Natural Process is decaffeinated using Ethyl Acetate (EA). In this method the green beans are steamed or soaked to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The expanded beans are then soaked in EA, a naturally occurring organic compound found in many fruits and vegetables which can be synthesized for coffee decaffeination. In the presence of EA, caffeine bonds with the compound and is drawn out of the bean. The decaffeinated coffee is then removed from the EA solvent, rinsed thoroughly, re-dried and re-bagged for transport.

    ETHIOPIA - Established in 1999, the Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union has quickly become the largest Fair Trade coffee producer in Ethiopia. The OCFCU was formed when 23,691 members of 35 small cooperatives came together with the goal of exporting their coffee directly to the specialty market. All six of their Oromia Highland Coffee varieties (Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Limu, Lekemptl, Jima, & Harrar) are grown by indigenous farmers in the southwestern rainforests of Ethiopia. Oromia’s coffee is heirloom, forest-grown, and organic. In 2005, the cooperative was awarded first place for their unwashed coffee in the East African Fine Coffee Association cupping competition. Of the top ten qualifiers in the competition, three were Oromia members. Focusing on 100% organic production, Oromia produces approximately 70 containers annually and has over 7,000 members who are Fair Trade certified. Given the proud history of Ethiopian coffee, and the unique flavors and aromas of this cup, this Organic Ethiopian is sure to please even the most critical palate. 

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